About Paddington

Little Venice and Paddington make for a dreamy duo, creating a harmonious blend of tranquillity and urban allure. 

Embark on a fascinating tourist trail through Paddington, exploring its rich architecture, notable landmarks and hidden gems. Begin your journey at the iconic Paddington Station, a masterpiece of Victorian engineering. Marvel at its grand iron and glass canopy, a symbol of the industrial elegance of the 19th century. Take a moment to appreciate the statue of Paddington Bear, a beloved literary character, standing near the entrance—a whimsical touch to your architectural adventure.

Next, explore the legacy of Alexander Fleming, the pioneer of penicillin, at St Mary's Hospital. Visit the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum to learn about the ground-breaking discovery that revolutionised medicine. The museum is housed in the very room where Fleming made his historic find, providing a unique and immersive experience. 

Make your way to the Grand Union Canal for that picturesque waterway which connects Paddington to Little Venice. As you stroll, you'll encounter waterside cafes, inviting pubs, and hidden gems that offer a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration.

Meander along the scenic canals to discover the idyllic enclave of Little Venice. Admire the elegant Regency and Victorian architecture that graces the water's edge, creating a romantic atmosphere. Take a canal boat ride for a unique perspective of the white stucco houses and the graceful arches of the bridges which span the canals. Enjoy the peaceful ambiance as you watch the swans glide by.

For an alternative to London's West End theatre, book to see a traditional marionette puppet show on The Puppet Theatre Barge.

Lastly, venture into the nearby Mews Streets, tucked away lanes that showcase a different side of London. These picturesque streets are lined with charming mews houses, characterised by their cobblestone paths and quaint architecture. It's a step back in time, offering a glimpse into the city's history and a tranquil escape from the urban buzz. For a taste of equestrian history and traditions, head to Hyde Park Stables in Bathurst Mews. 

This trail through Paddington seamlessly weaves together the grandeur of Victorian design, the charm of mews streets, the scientific legacy of Alexander Fleming and the tranquil beauty of Little Venice—a journey that promises to captivate both history enthusiasts and admirers of architectural beauty.